Pharma eBooth – Virtual Exhibition Booth

For the majority of 2020 and 2021 every physical exhibition was cancelled due to the situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. To leverage this loss into an opportunity, companies have been switching to remote booth (eBooth) experiences, happening parallel to a virtual conference.

The aim of this eBooth was to market medications by:

  • putting the brands in plain view of the attendees
  • provide access to relevant and interesting digital content including videos and PDFs
  • maintaining the ability to engage directly with the exhibitor to generate meaningful live conversations with attendees 
  • signposting a resource hub for deeper product exploration

Most of the virtual booths we had seen before tended to focus on recreating the in-person booth experience i.e. a 3D booth model. We felt that trying to recreate the in-person booth digitally is not only distracting, but missing the objective. The focus for any booth should be for attendees to discover your brand. And if needed, follow-up with a discussion. 

We wanted to create a platform that re-thought the virtual booth with a focus on a page based design with a hint of a familiar physical booth environment. More like a website or LinkedIn profile.

Chance to connect – the booth’s key feature included a live chat facility or even making it easy for attendees to ask questions.

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