Pharma Digital Marketing Campaign

The Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) is internationally renowned for its world-class research on the safety of medicines and vaccines.

Although the COVID-19 vaccines are rigorously tested before approval for use in the UK population, researchers by law need to continue to monitor them for use in real-life conditions. The DSRU required 17,000 people who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine within the last 6 months to participate in their study.

In partnership with Stirred we were asked to help raise awareness of the study via a digital marketing campaign in order to reach the participant target number. Due to the nature of the vaccine rollout and the demographic of the target audience we only had a very short window of time in which to deliver the results. 

With time running out, a digital marketing strategy needed to be created and deployed quickly in order to help achieve the 17,000 survey registrations required by AstraZeneca for their COVID-19 vaccine.

The first step was to analyse the target audience. Based on this analysis, we created the adverts copy, imagery and developed a creative that would deliver a clear message aiming to encourage people to participate in the survey. 

Facebook was the initial focus for deploying the adverts due to its potential to reach the most participants. We then focused on Taboola, Mumsnet and the Daily Mail Online.

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