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Resource hub

Resource hub


Project Summary

One of our clients required web-based resource hub designed specifically to provide comprehensive, centralised access to a variety of resources. It’s tailored to meet the needs of various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, patients, researchers, and pharmaceutical industry professionals. Essentially a digital ecosystem that supports various aspects providing a one-stop solution for information, education, collaboration, and support to their HCP community.

The key features of the hub are:

Information Repository:
The hub serves as a central repository for a wide range of information related to the therapy area.

Healthcare Professional Engagement:
It offers a platform for healthcare professionals to access up-to-date medical information, continuing medical education (CME) opportunities, and resources for patient care.

Regulatory Compliance and Updates:
It can offer updates on regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, which is crucial for professionals to stay informed about changing regulations.

Research and Development Insights:
For researchers and industry professionals, the hub might include access to scientific research and updates on drug development, facilitating knowledge sharing and innovation.

Marketing and Sales Support:
It acts as a tool for marketing and sales support, providing access to product information, marketing materials, and sales training resources.

Data Analytics and Reporting:
As an advanced hub, it incorporates data analytics features, offering insights into visitor usage patterns.

Accessibility and Convenience:
Being web-based, the hub provides easy and immediate access to resources, which is particularly beneficial for users.

Microsite to access past webinars

Additionally, the microsite allows for easy registration and access to past webinars for those who may have missed them. The user-friendly interface and centralised location of information have resulted in a significant increase in both attendance and engagement.

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