Our capabilities

Engaging your audience is a matter of understanding their intentions and shaping what you know about them into a moment of connectivity

Customer engagement

Engaging customers in the digital age has become a broad and fragmented challenge. We specialise in the needs of the healthcare sector by creating experiences on a visual and intellectual plane, ensuring your message is communicated completely and memorably.
We offer high-value data analytics, and visualisation products to the healthcare industry. We will work with your team through our trusted project management processes designing the following standard medias, or a bespoke solution to deliver your specific requirements.


  • e-Detail Apps
  • Exhibition/conference games
  • Virtual Environments – VR/AR/MR
  • Patient journey animations
  • Mode of Action animations 
  • Veeva e-Mail campaigns
  • e-Learning and development
  • Congress toolkit
  • Clinical trial toolkit

Employee education

Engagement in personal development and the education in an evolving landscape is a constant. Through our insightful and creative team we will work with all stakeholders to craft and shape bespoke solutions to keep your team at peak performance.

Within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors two common elements faced are time being a valuable commodity, and workforces are often dispersed, sometimes globally. Crafting methods to support, develop and inspire your people is something we passionately deliver for our clients.


  • Learning and development
  • Business processes tools
  • Sales force apps
  • CRM/Data management
  • Planning tools (sales & marketing)
  • Training apps
  • Congress support tools
  • Gaming (Rewards)
  • E-detail/Veeva apps

Payor engagement

The application of technology in support of sales goes beyond a polished slide deck full of key performance indicators and statistics. We develop bespoke technological tools that can communicate a product’s effectiveness and financial impact in a way personal to any single client.

Over the last 15 years LVC has been supporting leading pharmaceutical organisations to deliver their message, achieving sustained market penetration across the globe. Data is at the heart of science and modern day medicine. Our expertise in creating insightful and engaging visualisation of complex data, supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.


  • Patient journey animation
  • Mode of Action animations
  • Infographics
  • Pharmaco economic tools
  • Budget Impact Modellers
  • Data visualisers
  • Patient pathways
  • Value Stories
  • Business processes tools

Patient interaction

Engaging the public with their health has never been more widely acknowledged. This has been fuelled by the application of technology. We engage the patient through highly capable technical functionality and design, elevating understanding, interaction and treatment effectiveness.

The catalyst for these projects are often centred around front line treatment performance, budgetary impact, patient support networks and remote treatment management. Our imagination and experience in this area can be demonstrated as having considerably influenced improvements in all of the catalyst elements.


  • Games and gamification
  • Educational support
  • Adherence to medication
  • Symptom Trackers
  • About your medicine
  • Patient support videos
  • Virtual treatment platforms

Our work

Capturing hearts and minds through active engagement. We strive to create an experience for the user which will endure beyond their immediate interaction.

Process mapping tools

Our integrated the existing Excel-based models and the PowerPoint slides into a single app, with the cost-modelling in the background.

Educational animations

Short engaging animations can clearly communicate product and service features and benefits.

Process simulation

Our ‘Pathway Modeller’ enables users to rapidly create realistic medical treatment pathways, using an easy ‘drag and drop’ interface for each step.